Soccer Schedule “A”

Middle School Soccer Schedule “A”

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Home Team
Away Team
Mon.9/28/2015B.I.S (2)Avenues (3)4:40 PMThomas Jefferson3-2 Avenues
Tues.9/29/2015Cathedral (6)Rodeph Sholom (1)3:30 PMNorth Meadow 56-1 Cathedral
Thurs.10/1/2015St. Ignatius (8)B.I.S (3)4:40 PMNorth Meadow 38-3 St. I
Thurs.10/1/2015Rodeph Sholom (1)Hunter (6)3:30 PMNorth Meadow 36-1 Hunter
Wed.10/7/2015CathedralHunter3:30 PMNorth Meadow 5rescheduled
Wed.10/7/2015Avenues (2)St. Ignatius (8)4:40 PMNorth Meadow 58-2 St. Ignatius
Thurs.10/8/2015Hunter (3)Heschel (1)4:40 PMNorth Meadow 43-1 Hunter
Thurs.10/8/2015B.I.S (5)Rodeph Sholom (4)4:40 PMNorth Meadow 55-4 (BIS)
Tues.10/13/2015B.I.S (0)Heschel (7)5:00 PMThomas Jefferson7-0 Heschel
Tues.10/13/2015Hunter (2)St. Ignatius (4)3:50 PMThomas Jefferson4-2 Hunter
Wed.10/14/2015Hunter (0)Cathedral (3)4:40 PMNorth Meadow 53-0 Cathedral
Wed.10/14/2015Rodeph SholomAvenuesRSS forfeit1-0 Avenues
Thurs.10/15/2015Heschel (3)Cathedral (2)4:40 PMNorth Meadow 63-2 Heschel
Thurs.10/15/2015Rodeph Sholom (0)St. Ignatius (8)3:30 PMNorth Meadow 68-0 St. I
Tues.10/20/2015B.I.S (1)Hunter (5)3:30 PMNorth Meadow 45-1 Hunter
Wed.10/20/2015Avenues (2)Heschel (4)4:30 PMDewitt Clinton Park4-2 Heschel
Thurs.10/22/2015Cathedral (1)B.I.S (0)3:30 PMNorth Meadow 51-0 Cathedral
Thurs.10/22/2015St. Ignatius (8)Heschel (1)4:40 PMNorth Meadow 48-1 St. I
Fri.10/23/2015Avenues (8)Hunter (2)3:30 PMDewitt ClintonAvenues
Mon.10/26/2015Cathedral (3)Avenues (2)4:00 PMRandall's #73-2 (Cathedral)
Tues.10/27/2015Heschel (6)Rodeph Sholom (1)4:45 PMNorth Meadow 66-1 Heschel
Tues.10/27/2015Cathedral (1)St. Ignatius (7)3:45 PMNorth Meadow 67-1 St. Ignatius
Tues.11/3/2015St. Ignatius (W)Heschel3:00 PMNorth Meadow 4Championships